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The Ten Renewal
1  Changing your perception
Focus on growing younger and living longer.
2  Restful
Allow the body and mind to get regular, deep rest.
3  Healthy Food
Manage your diet, exercise your hunger level & consume foods from all six test groups, a variety of colors and flavors on a daily basis.
4  Nutrients
Use nutritional supplements wisely.
5  Mind/Body
Enhance the integration between your mind and body.
6  Exercise
Make a conscious choice to stay physically active.
7  Toxins
Eliminate toxins from every aspect of your life, including Toxic substances, Toxic foods, Toxic relationships and Toxic emotions.
8  Creativity
Cultivate creativity by allowing intention, incubation and incarnation.
9  Love
Enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being by developing a nurturing love in your life.
10  Youthful
Cultivate your sense of wonder. A youthful mind is a growing mind. It is dedicated to continual expansion and learning. A youthful mind thrives on new experiences and new knowledge.
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