Coaching Interactive Privacy Policy

Coaching Interactive Privacy Policy

Coaching Interactive ((CI)) and Chopra Center (CC) consider client information privacy as one their highest company values. We understand that people put private personal information in CI & CC's hands and we do our best to protect that privacy.

The following document is intended to describe our policy regarding the protection of client and coach data and it addresses the following list of issues and potential client concerns. By accepting the CI & CC General Terms of Use of the web site you indicate that you understand and accept the CI & CC Privacy Policy as updated periodically.

This document specifies the following topics

  • 1. Brief summary and concept
  • 2. Definitions
  • 3. What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the web site
  • 4. What is the information intended for and how it is used
  • 5. Who provides the coaching service
  • 6. Who has access to the coaching information and under what conditions
  • 7. Use of Information available through CI & CC site
  • 8. Limitations on use of information
  • 9. With whom may the information be shared
  • 10. Tell a Friend
  • 11. How can inaccuracies in the information be corrected.
  • 12. CI & CC's obligation to do the best effort it reasonably can to protect privacy
  • 13. Security procedures practiced to protect loss, misuse or alteration of info by CI & CC
  • 14. Strict enforcement and improvement of the security policy and procedures
  • 15. The limitations and risks associated with use of digital data, computers and internet.
  • 16. Commitment not to actively path information to other parties without permission.
  • 17. Potential access to data for technical reasons (part of terms, may duplicated here)
  • 18. Storage, Deletion and access to user data
  • 19. Information which is private or proprietary to CI & CC and CI's partners
  • 20. What happens if a coach or facilitator terminates his use of the CI & CC system.
  • 21. CI owns the log files and statistical data on the technical use of the site.
  • 22. Registration Information
  • 23. Education, Minors and Parents responsibility
  • 24. CI delivered information
  • 25. Contacting us

The system provides an enabling platform for coaching. Coaching is done independently by clients using self coaching programs. It may also be made available for interactive use with a CC facilitator or a personal coach.

Statement of Policy

The private information stored in the system relates to clients and is relevant to Seven Laws of Success Web program. The information belongs first and foremost to the client (and coach if applicable).It will not be used for other purpose.

1. Brief summary and concept CI & CC provide the interactive Seven Laws of Success Web program platform to clients around the world. Clients use the program to record sensitive private information for their personal use and for confidential sharing with their personal coaches. As such, maintaining data privacy is a fundamental cornerstone of the services provided by CI & CC. To assure the privacy of the client and coach data, CI & CC have established and are implementing unique and rigorous privacy policies, practices and procedures which are described in brief in this document and which attempt to relate to all aspects of securing the data ranging from the technical to the practical, procedures and enforcement mechanism applied. The document describes what is the information, who has access to it, under what conditions and for what reasons and how it is and how it is not going to be used. CI's obligation and methods of protecting the private information are described along with the inherent privacy risks associated with the use of digital data, computers and Internet. A special chapter handles privacy with relations to third party providers with whom CI & CC may collaborate in the future to offer more services (with client's awareness and approval). Potential use and ownership of logged data is discussed, including the registration details. The potential future nature of use of the platform for coach – client communication is briefly outlined with special focus on the responsibility of parents of children who may access and use the site. CI & CC will also encourage clients and coaches to share their experiences on a pre–approved consent basis which is described in detailed below.

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